We Love Silent Hill ...

... but we hate Silent Hill slash.

Silent Hill Slash Haters
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Silent Hill slash ... we hate it! We hate it a lot!
If you too hate Silent Hill slash then this community is for you!

= Strictly NO slash of any kind is to be posted in this community.
= No advertising of other communities without asking a moderator first.
= Respect your fellow members ... persistant flamers will be banned.
= Always check with a moderator if you're unsure as to what you can or cannot post.
= Trolls, hit-and-run-spammers, morons, fuckheads etc ... are not welcomed here!

This community is for discussing the reasons we dislike Silent Hill related slash fanfiction and also for discussing any such slash fanfiction that we've had the misfortune of stumbling across. If you join this community in the hopes of finding Silent Hill slash to read, I'm sorry to disappoint you but you wont find any slash of any kind posted here. Anyone who does post slash within this community will be immediately removed and banned.

If you find the above paragraph hard to understand ... check with a moderator.

We Love Our Thesaurus! :) :) :)
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